Khappu Helps You!

To download free music, e-books and softwares in just a click.

Khappu is in beta mode now, because we want to test and analyze customer needs and trying to improve/change our services accordingly.

What we offer

Right now Khappu provides these online services


Tell us about the audio/video song you want to download. We send you right away.


We can download free international ebooks for you and send you in our preferable format.


Tell us your need and we suggest you the perfect and reliable software.


What is Khappu?

Khappu is online live chat support system from which you can get any information and service with one click.

How i can use Khappu?

Go to the website and click on the “Oye Khappu” button, a new window will be open. Write what you want online and Khappu will get it for you instantly.

Khappu is a Bot or Human?

Khappu is a human-based live chat support system.

What languages Khappu support?

Right now, Khappu can talk in English, Urdu(Roman) only.